Who we are

We are teachers who have made a job out of our passion for teaching: our Italian lessons reflect our love for what we do!


Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of being a teacher and I consider myself lucky (and determined) because that is what I have become. I have a degree in Modern Literature and a Second Level Master Degree in Teaching Italian as a Second Language, both of which I was awarded with full marks. I have been teaching for years in both the public and private sector: I work with public schools dealing specifically with adult education, private language schools and, occasionally, Universities.

I am a qualified certifier for  CELI e CILS exams.

I organise Italian courses for companies, and am fully acquainted with how they operate and their communication requirements thanks to a significant experience as General Manager Assistant in a large industrial group.

You can find my academic and professional CV on LinkedIn, but you’ll need to meet me in person to witness the enthusiasm I put into my work.

If I were to choose three adjectives to describe myself I would say conscientious, sociable and above all curious – in the most positive sense of the term: I like to meet new people, discover different countries, find out other ways of doing things. I am not scared of challenges and the type of school we have created here is proof of this.

I am a tireless worker and when I’m not teaching, I’m busy studying! I’m skilled in the Flipped classroom methodologies and innovative teaching using new media. If you choose Virtualian we’ll show a new way to do Italian lessons.

If you want to get to know me better book a trial lesson: it’s free and you’ll be able to put our online Italian lessons to the test.


See my CV on Linkedin


I really believe teaching is the profession that is most suited to me and teaching Italian with new technologies and the most innovative methods constantly provides new challenges and sources of satisfaction. I keep up to date professionally with training courses in Italy and abroad.

I am an eclectic and cheerful person, I have a degree in Ancient Philosophy and, before I started teaching, I worked in a variety of other sectors: publishing, journalism, logistics, catering, but mainly marketing.

In 2009 I felt the need to find a job where I could truly be myself so I got my first certificate for teaching Italian to foreigners – DITALS, from the university of Siena. Since then I have never stopped teaching – for 6 years I worked in a private school in Milan as a teacher, teaching coordinator and teacher trainer and I gave Erasmus courses for the Politecnico in Milan- and learning, with numerous refresher courses.

I am specialised in the use of videos and films in the classroom and in flipped classroom methodology, always with a communicative approach: I am a member of FILTA – Film in Language Teaching Association – and FLIPNET – an association for the promotion of flipped learning.

I am an open, professional, adaptable and multifaceted person and in my spare time I have a vast range of hobbies and interests: I write, read, travel, do sport; I drink beer (but only if it’s good!), go to concerts, I practice and teach yoga, go hiking in the mountains and am passionate about music. All of this helps me to understand the requirements and interests of students and make their learning experience more exciting and effective.

If you want to get to know me better book a trial lesson: it’s free and you’ll be able to put our online Italian lessons to the test.

See my CV on Linkedin