Who our courses are for

Everyone who wants to learn Italian and is interested in flexible online Italian courses, for their studies, work or out of a mere passion for the Italian language and want to see immediate results.


People, in Italy and abroad, who need to learn Italian for work related reasons (individuals and companies).

People that need to learn Italian at school or university (students of Italian as a foreign language, Italian as a second language, Erasmus students).

People who operate in specific contexts or who have a special passion and want to learn more about the language that is used in these sectors, be it fashion, music, economics…

Anyone who loves Italian culture and wants to get to know it or learn more about it.

Italians living abroad who want to maintain a connection with their roots.

Italian teachers, mother tongue or otherwise, who are curious to find out about innovative teaching techniques for online or classroom based Italian courses for foreigners.

People who want to try the experience of studying Italian in a teacher’s home and learn how Italians speak as well as how they live (home stay).

People who are planning to move to or travel around Italy, and want to be proactive and learn Italian and the basic linguistic functions in order to have a certain degree of confidence and independence.

Beginner level students who prefer to take self-learning courses in a completely independent manner and have additional online lessons with the teacher if they wish.