Flexibility and technology online
with the personal touch
of a traditional language course
language and communication know-how
for professional settings
A new way to learn
without books


Learn Italian online with us in a pleasant and interactive manner. The methodology we have developed for our lessons is based on the use of innovative, flexible and dynamic instruments that ensure tangible results straight from the outset.

Our online Italian courses for foreigners are designed for individuals that want to improve their knowledge of Italian, schools and universities wishing to supplement existing courses with online Italian lessons and companies requiring specific Italian language training for foreign employees working in Italy or employees working in offices abroad.

Who We Are?


We don’t just give lessons on Skype: we use a web platform based on the latest technologies, that puts us in audio-visual contact with students and allows us to create bespoke lessons and simultaneously share, create and revise documents, mp3 and self-produced videos.

Our longstanding experience, professionalism and ability to forge relationships with people help to create the perfect environment for improving and learning Italian online in a short period of time, as we get our students to speak and use Italian in a variety of different contexts, based on individual requirements.

Find Our Courses

Our solutions for you to learn Italian online

Learn Italian when you can.

Do you not have enough time to study Italian?

We offer online courses with flexible lesson times that can be booked up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson. Students can plan their Italian lessons at times that suit them and when the teacher they want is available.

Learn Italian from your PC

Is the language school too far away?

Our Italian courses for foreigners take place entirely online so you can decide when and where to learn: all you’ll need is an internet connection and a pc, tablet or smartphone.

Virtualian is a new learning idea: online italian courses

Have you not found a learning method that’s right for you?

For our online Italian courses we have chosen technologies that are advanced, but they are also intuitive and simple to use. Learning Italian online has never been so easy and so much fun!

Every online course is designed around an individual’s requirements and we devise personalised courses, because, when it comes to studying, we’re not all the same!

We also provide clear instructions for independent learning using the Flipped classroom model: as students watch simple and intuitive videos in the comfort of their homes, they’ll have all the time they need to grasp, process and memorise the rules they will then put into practise during lessons with teachers or directly in everyday life – which is precisely the opposite of traditional teaching methods, where rules are learned in the classroom and students do exercises at home!

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